More than 500 athletes from 30 different countries. The city of Cassino warms up in view of the upcoming appointment of March 12th when the World University Cross Country Championships will be held. At the forefront in the event organization, as happened in the National University Championships and in the 2014 Peacefix, there is Cus Cassino with its President Carmine Calce.

Heart of the event will be the Folcara Campus of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, where in recent days has been inaugurated the infopoint, just within the College of Laziodisu residences where live youngsters studying in Cassino and coming from all over the world. The inauguration ceremony was attended, other than by the President of Cus Carmine Calce, also by the special commissioner of Laziodisu Carmelo Ursino and, of course, the Chancellor Giovanni Betta and the delegate for sports activities Daniele Masala.

The former Chancellor Ciro Attaianese, now President of the Organizing Committee, coordinated the work. As already occurred with the running track made on the occasion of the CNU, Attaianese pushed to leave in the circuit even after the cross country, in order to host other events. ‘Organizing the World Championship is an exciting, hard challenge, yet we are trying and are sure that, with everybody’s contribution, starting from the students who are going to keenly volunteer in the event, we will achieve even this goal’ Professor Carmine Calce urged.

The importance of promoting the University of Cassino through worldwide resonance sporting events was eventually highlighted also by the Chancellor Giovanni Betta and his delegate. Starting from today, the info point will be the collector of all global activities in the event to be held in March 2016 when, for a week, the Campus will welcome students from over 25 nations. The highlight of the races, as mentioned, is scheduled for March 12th when about 600 students will compete on the circuit, now under construction. At the inauguration conclusion Professor Calce has ppresented Chancellor Betta and sports delegate Daniele Masala with a personalized, University Sports Centre of Cassino branded tracksuit.